What difference can I make?

The benefits of sharing your skills and experience with young people are clear.

Greater understanding

Whether they're on the shop floor, on a building site, in the office, or learning from you in their own classroom, our young people will gain a better understanding of the world of work and commerce. That's good for them, and good for you. 

New skills

You and your people can pass on essential skills: communication, team-working, problem-solving, decision-making and informed risk taking. Skills for work and skills for life.  

Positive attitude

Learning first hand from successful people is stimulating and inspiring. It encourages creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Brighter future

Hearing success stories and seeing the rewards of hard work gives young people something to aim for. By seeing what they have achieved, they will be inspired and motivated to do it for themselves.