What is enterprise?

It's a question many people ask. We hope that this section will provide you with some answers to this. There is a wide range of definitions on what enterprise is and what it means to be enterprising. The points below give a snapshot of the ways that enterprise can be defined.

  • Having persistence  that means sticking at things and not giving up easily
  • Being flexible  willing to do things in a different way and not being set in a routine
  • Being creative and innovative - able to come up with new and unusual ideas
  • Having drive and determination knowing what you want and having the will to work hard and go for it
  • Awareness of opportunities being able to spot opportunities and make the most of them
  • Enthusiasm
  • Competitiveness  wanting to do better than and beat your rivals
  • Showing initiative  doing things off your own back without having to be told
  • Positive thinking being able to see the positive side of any situation
  • "Can do" attitude  believing in yourself and your ability to achieve

Anyone can develop these enterprising skills. Young people do so by working alongside employers; going on work experience; taking part in enterprise activities at school; working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award; participating in a school sports team; getting a part time job; organising an event or trip.  

Developing entrepreneurial attitudes and skills isn't just useful when starting a new business, but can help when finding a job, gaining promotion or contributing to your organisation.