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Determined to Succeed focuses on four key strands. Click on the links below to access case studies relevant to each strand, available on the Learning and Teaching Scotland website.

Enterprising teaching and learning

Ensuring teachers have the skills and capacity to make their teaching relevant to the world of work, enabling young people to develop enterprising skills and attitudes as well as creative approaches to learning across the curriculum.

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Entrepreneurial learning

Giving young people the chance to experience real business and work-related learning and offering opportunities for employers to become involved in supporting that learning.

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Work-based vocational learning

Giving young people the opportunity to gain a qualification linked to work by experiencing and developing an understanding of the world of work in all its diversity supported by employers and teachers who can contextualise the learning.

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Career education

Enthusing young people about the world, helping them to make the connections between learning and work, and equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their future at every stage in their learning.

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