Link opens in new windowScottish Government strategy for enterprise in education 2008-2011 (Scottish Government, 2008)

This document outlines the Scottish Government's policy direction for delivery of enterprise in education from 2008 to 2011. It sets out the key areas of focus and explains the commitments made by local and national government to the to the policy.

Link opens in new windowTapping into Scotland's Talent: An employer’s perspective on supporting people back to work (Scottish Business in the Community, 2008)

A report aimed at understanding employers views on the drivers that lead them to engage in employability projects, the critical success factors for successful involvement, the  key challenges they face when getting involved, the business benefits and examples of good practice.

Link opens in new windowImproving Enterprise in Education (HMIE, 2008)

This HMIE report examines the extent to which enterprise in education has helped, and can continue to help, to address the priority issues facing Scottish education and their relationship with economic and social change.


Link opens in new windowMore Choices, More Chances: A Strategy to Reduce the Proportion of Young People not in Education, Employment or Training in Scotland (Scottish Executive, 2006)

This document sets out the Government’s More Choices, More Chances strategy, which is an action plan to reduce the proportion of young people not in education employment or training in Scotland. The strategy was published alongside the complementary ‘Workforce Plus’, the Government’s Employability Framework for Scotland.

Link opens in new windowSkills for Scotland: A Lifelong Skills Strategy (Scottish Government, 2007)

This Skills Strategy sets out the Government’s ambitions for skills, in a lifelong learning context, from cradle to grave. In keeping with both its voluntary and statutory commitments, the strategy has the promotion of equality of opportunity and the elimination of discrimination at its core.


Link opens in new windowDetermined to Succeed Three Years on: Investing in Scotland's Future – Creating a Culture of Enterprise in our Schools (2007)

A report detailing the progress of delivering of the Determined to Succeed strategy since 2003.

Link opens in new windowNational Evaluation of Determined to Succeed Phase 2 (2007)

The Phase 2 study was commissioned with both a quantitative and qualitative focus, to examine and measure the effectiveness of DtS in bringing about attitudinal and cultural changes, and to evaluate its success in delivering national recommendations.


Link opens in new windowEvaluation of the Whole School Approach to Enterprise in Education (2007)

Carried out between 2004 and 2006 and published in 2007, this evaluation looked at the effectiveness of the Whole School Approach programme in two local partnerships and whether it should be rolled out further.

Link opens in new windowNational Evaluation of Xlerate with X (2006)

Xlerate with Xl was set up to tackle the need to improve the educational and employment outcomes for young people not fully benefiting from a more formal school curriculum. The evaluation was carried out between January 2005 and 2006.


Link opens in new windowDetermined to Succeed and Young People at Risk of Becoming NEET (2006)

This study aimed to examine the potential contribution of DtS to improving the outcomes of young people at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) in both mainstream and non-mainstream settings.

Link opens in new windowNational Evaluation of Determined to Succeed Phase 1

Phase 1 took place between September 2004 and August 2005. It examined the views of key stake holders on initial planning and early implementation of the DtS strategy across Scotland.


Link opens in new windowThe Nature and Implications of the Part-Time Employment of Secondary Education

A report by the Scottish Executive's Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Department, looking at the possiblities of recognising part time employment within the formal education system.

Link opens in new windowDetermined to Succeed: Investigating Young People's Perceptions of Success and Influencing Factors (2005)

A qualitative research investigation into the perceptions of, and attitudes towards, enterprise in education to inform the Scottish Executive's Determined to Succeed strategy.


Link opens in new windowBenchmarking Research of Young People's Perceptions of Enterprise (2005)

A quantitative study of young people's perceptions and opinions about 'enterprise' to inform the Scottish Executive's Determined to Succeed strategy.

Link opens in new windowResults of the SME survey for the Scottish Government (2005)

A report on the survey of business perception of the Enterprise in Education scheme. Includes an effectiveness evaluation and recommendation for further developments.

Link opens in new windowDetermined to Succeed: Enterprise in Education: Scottish Executive Response (2003)

The Scottish Executives response to the enterprise in education review looks at encouraging enterprising values in our children and young people as a route to an economicaly vibrant and secure Scotland. 

Link opens in new windowDetermined to Succeed: A Review of Enterprise in Education (2002)

Recommendations from the Review of Education for Work and Enterprise, established in September 2001 under the chairmanship of Nicol Stephen, Deputy Minister for Education and Young People.